Thursday, October 25, 2018

Single Review: BAD BONES American Days by James K. Blaylock

American Days
From their full length High Rollers, released on Sliptrick Records October 23, 2018
Place of origin: Italy
Genre: Hard rock
Release date: September 30, 2018
Italy's own Bad Bones deliver with their newest single American Days. Most definitely they have a throwback vibe to 90's hard rock, but with a modern groove. They could easily give all those retro junkies whiplash simply because of all the rubbernecking, instead of moshing harder. Then again that could even bring a concussion or two. Either way these dudes pack-a-mean-punch with their effortless camaraderie. Just listen to their soaring vocals, crunchy guitars, fat bass lines and pulverizing drums - it's easy to see that these guys mean business. But in a sense isn't that what being in a band is all about? Plus, they don't forget to pack the dynomite lyrics to back it up. After all who doesn't want to be blown out of their chair?
There you have it: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. -James K. Blaylock

Max Malmerenda: Vocals
Sergio Aschieris: Guitar
Steve Balocco: Bass
Lele Balocco: Drums

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