Friday, October 23, 2020

Full Length Review: Iron Wings "Dzejnieks" (Independent) by Sarah McKellar

Band: Iron Wings
Location: Riga
Country: Latvia
Genre: Thrash metal
Full Length: Dzejnieks
Format: Digital
Label: Independent
Release date: March 31, 2020
Iron Wings is an old school thrash project hailing from Riga, Latvia formed in 2016.
After their 2017 EP release [Tumšie miglāji], these Latvians are back with their first full length release “Dzejnieks”.
Polished and professional consistently throughout this release, Iron Wings have developed a unique sound which is reminiscent of Destruction and Kreator.
The vocals add a traditional heavy metal feel to this release and the riffs are consistently excellent, while samples add an eerie feel. The lyrics are in Latvian which is fantastic to see but does present a challenge for this primarily English speaking reviewer- however the music speaks for itself and the meaning can be felt through the tone of the vocalist.
Samples add an eerie vibe in “Svešā”- one of the tracks that can be classified as a ballad but remains unrelenting and heavy none the less. One of the heavier songs “Klusumā” combines raspy vocals with guttural vocals to add a heavier and more ominous tone for the listener to appreciate another musical aspect. “Mācītājs” is a classical, political thrash anthem written about an offending priest within the church: displaying killer riffs, excellent drumming and strong political lyrics, this track is one to listen to.
A spoken monologue adds an eerie feel and acts as an introduction to prepare the listener for the final namesake track of this release. Translating to “The Poet” – “Dzejniek” is a musical journey with Iron Wings through their technical thrash aspects and finishing with an acoustic ending.
Melodic with killer balls to the wall riffs and a gutsy attitude that will not quit- Iron Wings are classic old school thrash at its finest. I genuinely enjoyed this release and look forward to hearing more of Iron Wings material in the future. –Sarah McKellar

Andris Veinbergs: Bass, vocals
Dainis Andersons Guitars
Valdis Emīls Popēns: Drums

Track list
1. Krustcelēs
2. Viss mainījies 
3. Svešā
4. Tevi dzirdēt
5. Klusumā
6. Mācītājs
7. Heroīns
8. Es lūdzu izjust nāvi atkal 
9. Monologs
10. Dzejnieks

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