Sunday, October 25, 2020

Single Review: Headless Eyes "Long Live the Skincrawling Flesh" (Razorback Records) by Sarah McKellar and Obscvre

Band: Headless Eyes
Location: Manhattan, NY
Country: USA
Genre: Psychotronic horror metal
From the upcoming full length Horripilations
Format: Digital track
Label: Razorback Records
Release date: June 9, 2020
Headless Eyes is a self-described horror metal project and “Long Live the Skincrawling Flesh” is the debut single from the upcoming full length “Horripilations” released through Razorback Productions.
A spoken introduction add an unsettling and menacing feel to the first few seconds while the listeners is immediately caught with the riffs in the background. Balls to the wall speed and groovy crushing vibes strike you while their lyrics are well written, hysterically violent and moderately obscene to the easily offended- naturally we loved it! 
A mix of death punk, thrash and gore metal sees Headless Eyes switching styles easily between gore punk and death metal assisted by catchy riffs. An old school punk vibe adds a rebellious feel to both the music and the lyrics leaving you headbanging for more.
In short- if you enjoy a gore filled, slasher groove track that you can bang your head to- you will thoroughly enjoy this! We genuinely look forward to hearing more of Headless Eyes material. –Sarah McKellar/Obscvre

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