Saturday, November 6, 2021

Article: "How do you want to be treated?" by Goddess Rosemary Sahjaza

How do you want to be treated?
As said by Goddess Rosemary Sahjaza. This also should hold true for other aspects of your life.
Remember value yourself. Find your balance.

How do you want to be treated? Sex is not a weapon nor a tradeoff for favor or place in a court or house. If someone tells you that you have to have sex with them, or "service them" or submit to BDSM or other actions to belong in their house, pack, temple, coven, court, clan, club or any other organization, run away quick because, it’s a cult, its usury pure and simple sex acts are not trade for entry into the Vampyre Community organizations or clubs before mentioned.
I am not talking about this as an adult's parties or a social events & activities.
I am talking about this as acts to this is to obtain membership in the organizations. If your Ramkht (spirit guide) says something is wrong something most likely is.
Have more pride in yourself as a woman or a man.
Temple House Sahjaza builds women's and men's pride and self-esteem.
Are you Sahjaza? Ask us about the Knights of Sahjaza and the Priestess Path, where you will learn your body is a temple to be adored, treated like a gentleman or a lady, and not an object. Do not allow yourself to be used, abused, and thrown away.
You do not need to please a man or a woman to feel your self-worth. Do not like the idea of being used, not your body, your money, nor your mind or any other asset.
Have balance and feminine pride. Men, ditto in reverse.
For more information refer to the Chapter on 'Protocol' in the Sahjaza Book of Secrets, the "Code of the night Z/n 1985, the 'Sahjaza Code of Conduct', and the '13 Commandments of the Night.'

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