Saturday, November 6, 2021

Full Length Review: HIDE "Interior Terror" (Dais Records) by Corban Skipwith

Band: HIDE
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Country: USA
Genre: Electronic
Full Length: Interior Terror
Format: Digital album, black vinyl LP
Label: Dais Records
Release date: May 28, 2021
Well, who knew that on the 6th of November (the same day of the month as me and my girl’s monthly anniversary) that I would discover possibly the most terrifying album of the year? I guess this is the perfect time if any.
Interior Terror by HIDE
So, this is an album by the duo released in 28 of May this year, it features 11 new tracks and if the album cover was any indication this was set to be a ‘strange’ experience at very least.
After listening to it however, there would be some people who wishes the album was only strange because this pushes past even the idea of strange to a whole new spectrum entirely, this album is definitely a unique and insane experience.
So, for the sound of this record this is something I would consider to be labeled as ’Experimental Dark Ambient’.
Or ‘Dark Electronic’ either way this is an album rooted in the ‘electronic’ sound except for most of you it’s rooted in such a twisted and perverse take on it that I doubt you would of heard anything remotely similar to it in the past.
The best comparison I could make (sound wise) is the work of Nicolas Jaar and his album ‘Space Is a only Noise’ that also has the same Dark, unsettling tone and vibe to the album as this one does but HIDE take the insanity and experimental aspect to a new level.
There’s a track on here called ‘Daddy Issues’ which is spoken by a father talking about how his son struggles to live a normal life and how he’s no longer happy and how he’s fighting depression, anxiety, loss of appetite. Then you discover all this has happened to him because he’s been labeled a ’registered sex offender’.
What got to me most about that track is the fact towards the very last minute of the song the voice goes
‘That is a steep price to pay, for 20 seconds of action’
Man that got to me, not going to lie. Pretty bold song to make but hell I guess those kinds of perspectives can happen especially from a parent.
Anyway, the album features a lot of voice samples cut and screwed, sounds reversed, screwed and played around with alongside a lot of ‘Noise’ based instrumental passages and there’s also a woman’s voice heard screeching and screaming throughout the record.
There’s even a song ‘Laff Track’ where the majority of the song is just a woman’s maniacal laugh looped and spun over the instrumental.
All in all, this definitely won’t be for everyone, for those who do enjoy Electronic music this will be something new for them, so I can’t even imagine what it would be for people who don’t. My opinion? It’s a really interesting take on some pretty harsh topics and done so in a very challenging way and sound.
It’s here to make a statement and with all statements people will either agree or disagree, but if you’re the type of person who enjoys a challenge, enjoys the thrill of discovering something new and boundary pushing then this will definitely be for you!
All I can ask is that you clear your mind and give some new a chance! You never know what you could discover if you just say yes! –Corban Skipwith

Heather Gabel
Seth Sher

Track list:
1. Interior Terror
2. Nightmare
3. Price of Life
4. Daddy Issues
5. Fear
6. Choose Your Weapon
7. Spit
8. Do Not Bow Down
9. Flag
10. Laff Track
11. This Blood

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