Thursday, November 25, 2021

EP Review: Lingua Ignota "Agnus Dei" (Independent) by Corban Skipwith

Artist: Lingua Ignota
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Country: USA
Genre: Electronic, experimental
EP: Agnus Dei
Format: Digital
Label: Independent
Release date: February 5, 2021
Well, here we go again for what I believe is the third time I’ve reviewed her work? None the less it never gets boring or any less interesting so let’s get to it! The latest EP by Lingua Ignota -AGNUS DEI.
So this time around we have an EP consisting of 4 tracks
And as stated above this isn’t my first time listening to this woman, I was curious about her music since her 2018 project ‘All Bitches Die’ which blew my mind in the way she used influences such as
-Baroque Pop
-Noise but brought all of these to a whole new scary level, and then continuing this reign of terror with her 2019 album ‘CALIGULA’ which brought to light the devastating topic of ‘Domestic Abusive’ and till this day I haven’t heard an album bring the devastation of that unfortunate circumstance to the forefront that she did with this, still gives me chills to this day.
But on this EP, believe it or not, this feels like the ‘Aftermath’ or I could be wrong and it could be the calm before the next storm but either way, this album in her presence and vocal performances feels a lot more ‘cerebral’ than it does ‘aggressive’ like her previous albums.
I feel a lot more influence of ‘Noise’ and ‘Classical’ than I have on the other ones, this to me feels like a demented version of those old school operas you’d hear in the 1700s if she took over a classic ‘Beethoven’ overture and just redefined the term ‘avant-garde’ by fusing that sound with chaotic noise and this is what that would sound like.
Even though this album is more contained than the previous efforts, no one should get it twisted this is still a crazy and unforgiving album that can send chills down your spine, Lingua has this uniquely terrifying presence about her and her music that just makes her stand out even amongst the experimental genre and all her contemporaries if she even has any in her ballpark.
Nonetheless, if you want to test your musical limits then this would be a good place to start, because if you can handle this then chances are you might have a chance at enjoying her previous albums, but out of all of them, this is the perfect beginning for anyone who wants a taste of what she’s all about. Corban Skipwith

Track list:
1. In Tongues
2. Sexless/No Sex
3. Where’er You Walk
4. Agnus Dei

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