Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Single Review: Null Cell "Blade’s Edge" (Machine Man Records) by Corban Skipwith

Band: Null Cell
Location: Omaha, Nebraska
Country: USA
Genre: Industrial rock, EBM
From the upcoming full length "Nemesis" to be released December 31, 2021
Format: Digital
Label: Machine Man Records
Release date: November 26, 2021
Null Cell -Blade’s Edge
In today’s news headline the artist Null Cell has released a new single, one that is beginning to turn heads.
;Oh that’s absolutely right Corban! The Nebraska native really went all out with this one, giving us more of that classic 90’s-2000’s techno vibe mixed with some of that new school Dark Electro vibes! It’s a great marvel to witness!
:Douglas, you hit the nail right on the head it really does have that spark, doesn’t it? Makes you remember about those (not so memorable times) when we’re teenagers going through our little emo phases with our hair spiked up, wearing all those bracelets and long shorts and we would just get dropped off by our parents to an underage club and dance our troubles away!
;Ha-ha, yes those sure were interesting times. None the less I love how groovy and psychedelic this track feels, what he’s giving us is a sense of thrill to counteract the boring day to day routine, a sense of sonic adventure to quench our thirst for creativity and overall deliver a mood-changing aesthetic that will be remembered for days or weeks to come!
That’s all for today's news bulletin, remember don’t be shy try this track out. Yes, you driving home from work, yes even for you lady walking her dog this track is great for everyone and I guarantee you’ll have a blast.
That was Corban and Douglas on your Relentless Music News at 6! Corban Skipwith

Isabella Chains: Programming, keyboards, production, vocals, remixing
Eddie LaFlash of Decent News: Guitar soloing on “Blade's Edge”

Track list:
1. Blade's Edge
2. Blade's Edge (thrash mix)
3. The Ceremony (dub mix)

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