Saturday, November 13, 2021

EP Review: Chesty Malone and the Slice 'Em Ups "Turn To Crime EP" (1332 Records) by Dave Wolff

Location: Brooklyn, New York
Country: USA
Genre: Punk, metal
Format: Digital, 7” vinyl
Label: 1332 Records
Release date: October 31, 2021
This zine has extensively covered Chesty Malone and the Slice 'Em Ups for about as long as it's been online. Not only by me, but also by staff writers Frank Garcia, Kaya Chaos, Robert Uller and Abyss Forgottentomb. Despite our differing interpretatiobs on this band, the popular consensus is that they are a blatantly good representation of New York punk. Comparisons have been made between this band and the Misfits, Motorhead, Cycle Sluts From Hell, Murderdolls, Plasmatics, Nausea, Toilet Boys and Warzone; if you like any of those artists you should give Chesty Malone and the Slice 'Em Ups a listen.
Since I last heard from them, it's been a couple years, but they are still going strong with a new EP "Turn To Crime" and a promotional video they made to accompany it. Hearing this reminded me of what hooked me about their album "Now We're Gonna See What Disaster Really Means" and the joy of discovering new punk bands locally and nationally. After the new EP, I listened again to their older material including their 2020 EP "Covered in Blood! Quarantine Covers" wirh its reworked versions of songs by Madonna, Discharge, Venom, Void, 4 Skins and Slayer.
Their newest compositions “Turn To Crime" and "I Like Killing" are a perfect fit with any of those releases. They still brewing with raw energy and the horror punk attitude we've come to expect from them while relying more on the metal edge they've consistently added. Thanks to the work they and John "JB" Bechdel put into the recording process the band is given more space to showcase their dirty, gritty, chaotic side. It's presented with such clarity it feels as if you're watching a professionally made Blu Ray release that captures all the sweat, sexuality and angst of Manhattan subculture.
The promotional video they made for “Turn To Crime”, as usual, tells a short story in the space of a few minutes to illustrate the lyrics. It basically shows guitarist Anthony Begnal and vocalist/anti-diva Jaqueline Blownaparte menacing you the homeowner through what appears to be a wide angle lens, wanting to break into your home and rob you blind. No Echo reports the song was inspired by the mass closings of businesses due to the pandemic, and the extensive inactivity that came with it.
Whether or not they intended to, the band composed a song that reflects the general sense of tension permeating the whole country for the last couple of years. You need look no further than Youtube for examples of this, and both these songs seem to reinforce the angst of 70s and 80s punk. The way the video gives perspective to clips from a Lucky 13 Saloon show the band played in 2020, reflecting the unrest in response to the "Quality of Life" agenda of the late 90s. Still I think the band is expressing things from a personal perspective instead of writing something overtly political.
At any rate, check out the band's Youtube clps and the links to reviews, interviews and coverage of their other projects. –Dave Wolff

Jaqueline Blownaparte: Vocals
Anthony Begnal: Guitar
Diablo Rodriguez: Bass
Angel Cotte: Drums

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