Sunday, March 6, 2016

CD Review: BATTLE CREEK Hate Injection (Independent) by Sarah McKellar

Hate Injection
"Dealing Death commences "Hate Injection" with the melodic acoustic beginning opening to a melodic heavy metal riff before exploding into a savage thrash attack. Complete with grinding guitars, tight drum lines and gutturally aggressive vocals thoroughly fitting and characteristic of the thrash genre, this is an incredibly strong track and an excellent opening track. The riffs are worthy of mention- as is the sheer speed of the drum work.
"Redneck Riot" opens to the aural assault of the drumwork and once again is very consistent of the polished thrash stylings appearing to be consistent in Battle Creek's musical approach. This track increases the ante with sheer balls and aggression and leaves you eagerly awaiting the next track.
"Kill or be killed" is a thrash metaller's dream commencing with a strong opening riff. This track then shifts up into the next gear into the thrashing yet polished sound I now know as characteristic of Battle Creek. The screaming riffs and vocals combines with the aggressive yet melodic riffs make this track very captivating and pleasing to the ear.
Full on thrash metal combined with exceptional drumming and catchy riffs- you do gain the expectation that Battle Creek are a band that consider failure not to be an option. Their passion and dedication is obvious by their polished sound and faultless delivery. They are a band for the thrash inclined to keep watch on- and I will confess to looking forward to hearing the full release of "Hate Injection" after thoroughly enjoying the first three tracks. -Sarah McKellar

Track list:
1. Dealing Death
2. Redneck Riot
3. Kill or Be Killed
4. Hate Injection
5. Blood for the President
6. Fuck the Demon
7. Hell in a Cell
8. Dädldi Dädldi Dä
9. Nodeng of Darkness

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