Thursday, July 5, 2018

Lyric Video Review: FOREDOOMED Dualism by Ben Fitts

From their debut full length Ordeal, released independently August 18, 2017.
Place of origin: Finland
Genre: Melodic death metal
Release date: August 4, 2017
The Finnish quartet Foredoomed specialize in the same brand of ultra-catchy power metal-influenced melodic death metal made iconic by their fellow countrymen Children Of Bodom, and the music on their new video “Dualism” is no exception. A power ballad through and through, “Dualism” begins with quiet, clean vocals and a piano driven section before building into something a bit more metallic a little past the one minute mark, where the song really hits its stride. Surging guitar riffs and harsh yet melodic vocals join in to establish “Dualism” as a metal track, despite its delicate opening. The clean vocals later return for the song’s infectious sing-along chorus.
The video for “Dualism” is well shot with provocative imagery, even if it’s a bit unclear in narrative. There is a nice contrast between the bizarre scenes typical of metal videos and some quality shots of the band rocking out while playing the song, with special attention given to displaying their fleet fingered instrumental prowess.
“Dualism” is a light-hearted and contagious melodeath track that is as radio friendly as anything extreme metal derived can ever be with a stylish music video to boot. -Ben Fitts

Atte Kymäläinen: Guitars, vocals, songwriting, lyrics
Asmo Jurvanen: Guitars
Eetu Kovapohja: Bass
Joel Henrik Kaplas: Drums

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