Monday, July 9, 2018

Single Review: FRAOCH COLLECTIVE Stockholm Sugar (Independent) by Dave Wolff

Place of origin: Long Island, New York, USA
Genre: Alternative rock
Release date: July 4, 2018
Having worked in the Long Island cover band Acme Dynamite, Heather Dawson, Marc Del Cielo and Gregg Gavitt are beginning to write original pieces as Fraoch Collective. Stockholm Sugar, the most recent of five singles from the past four months, is a conceptual twist on odes to love and horror. Fraoch Collective is a lyrically dark band; their darkness being simultaneously overt and subtle. A common theme is disregarded or forgotten impulses leading one toward harrowing experiences with lasting impact on the psyche. Somewhat similar to Lydia Lunch’s horrid depictions on conflicting innocent and predatory impulses (Uncensored/Oral Fixation, Smoke In The Shadows). Stockholm Sugar is the tale of a long lonely woman mistaking an assault as a romantic encounter, with tragic effects on her state of mind. The lyrics take you to a dark place whether you feel for the lead character or are indifferent. It’s rare to hear any theme like this explored by a Long Island band, especially today when there are more tribute bands than bands playing original music. Fraoch Collective has more in common with a time where there was more original music in LI (bands like Voodoo Storm, Banglaa’s Dungeon, Absolut Drama, V.O.A. and Spiders N Pigs). Any band arranging material they created themselves is a welcome diversion, and when it comes to what is and has always been expected of bands, Fraoch Collective is clearly not playing by the rules. Between this and their other cuts on Soundcloud they make full use of the dissimilar influences they covered as Acme Dynamite. What results is a collection of cuts recollecting Lou Reed, Beatles, David Bowie, Iggy Pop, New York Dolls, old Kiss, Blondie and Nirvana, depending on the mood of the composition. Examining the current state of the local scene, there’s a need for Fraoch Collective on many levels. The amount of time they’ve been part of the scene has no bearing on the untried thought channeled into their songs. Purposefully or not, they reiterate it’s never too late to recharge your batteries and do something distinct from scratch. I remember occasions when I thought I’d gotten all there was to get from music, then suddenly heard of a band that renewed my appreciation. Ironic to find this in a band drawing inspiration from artists who made an impact in the early 70s and 80s, and I hope they continue to write. -Dave Wolff

Heather Dawson: Vocals
Gregg Gavitt: Vocals, guitar, keyboards
Marc Del Cielo: Vocals, drums, percussion

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