Saturday, July 14, 2018

Video Review: VOODOO DIAMOND Black Ice by Heather Dawson

Black Ice
From their full length album Darkness Becomes It, released by Musicarchy Media June 22, 2018
Place of origin: London, England
Genre: Metal, metalcore, hard rock
Written, directed and edited by Filipe Martins
Director of photography: Dominic Ellis
AC/Operator: Rory Yeung
Release date: June 27, 2018
We all want that friend, that safe space, that person who can hear us out, listen without judgment and tell us that whatever it is is ok and that in turn, we are ok too. Yet it’s hard, I think, as we grow older and we are less and less able to reach out - we shut down and don’t want anyone to know we have a need for help or understanding. I have a penchant for zooming in on lyrics. Maybe it’s because I write ‘em and sing ‘em but that’s what attracted me to this track. In Voodoo Diamond’s Black Ice there is a soft, vulnerable message amongst the hard driving rhythm that speeds through to the heart of this message. We want to have love - all the time - to know we have kindred around us to support us - hell most of us would rather be the helper than be in need of help. And the truth is that stuff you don’t want to deal with makes you cold and freezes you, and sometimes the people who care for you gotta burn that cold right out of you to crash you right back into your life... So... Voodoo Diamond for all its intense beats, wailing guitars and screaming guttural vocals are giving the world a message of hope and good mental health - when you start to shut down you gotta find that person to lay it on so you can get warm again and never freeze
Your Eyes
Your ice
Connect with a real human explore real human emotions ... and break that ice
Filipe Martins, guitarist, writer and writer / director of the band’s two videos from their debut album ‘Darkness Becomes It’ seems to be the driving force behind the juggernaut of sound. He seems to have no boundaries when it comes to what he wants to achieve. Film and music come together in a jarring, provocative effort here, trying to connect with both the hard sell and the velvet glove. There’s a second video that was produced for the album, ‘Deny’ that you should also give a look-see. Nice foray from a band who shows promise in rising to the top of a genre saturated with sedimented oil... this cream is rising to the top. -Heather Dawson

Alex Dias: Vocals
Filipe Martins: Vocals, guitars, founding member
Doug Rimington: bass
Chris Allan: Drums (session drummer)

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  1. Thank you so much for such kind words to our work. We are humbled and grateful! Many thanks from London UK