Friday, July 20, 2018

Video Review: 6HOST WITHASIX Can't Go Back by Devin Joseph Meaney

Can't Go Back
Place of origin: Sydney Mines, Nova Scotia, Canada
Genre: Hip hop
Release date: June 27, 2018
Time and time again I find myself talking about 6host WithaSix. Proving once again he will probably always be one of my favorite Cape Breton rappers, he pushes forward with his brand new track “Can't Go Back.” With a banging beat and a locally notorious flow, I would like to see this guy make it to the top. He really deserves it! This kid can really write a catchy tune. I will also add that his lyrics are on point, some of them making me reflect on things I have experienced in the past. All in all, if you like rap, I would suggest checking this out. I am pretty new to the rap game, as I have spent the majority of my time reviewing punk, rock, grindcore and various forms of extreme metal. With that being said, whether you are a rap veteran or a newbie like myself, I really think that this song could be enjoyed by anyone interested in the genre. I am also a fan of this video, as it highlights areas that I would frequent in my earlier years. The same goes for an older video he released for his track ''Born For The Art.'' This track is also a banger... in fact, it is one of the tracks that really got me interested in the music of 6host WithaSix. Rep it, Buy it, burn it, spread it... I don't care. Help this young man push his tunes like a spreading virus. The island of Cape Breton is a power house of talented artists, and this kid is crawling up the ladder quick. Good job 6host... keep this shit going. Oh, right! I also suggest checking out his tune ''Drugs For You,'' but remember kids... drugs are bad, mmmmkay? -Devin Joseph Meaney

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