Thursday, July 26, 2018

Single Review: JAIME REGADAS Scarlet (Independent) by Dave Wolff

Place of origin: Liverpool, England, UK
Genre: Indie, alternative rock
Release date: July 23, 2018
Scarlet is the first single released by Jaime Regadas since Facing The Illusory Light was streamed on Youtube this past January. Again it’s an independent single without backing from a label or a PR team, relying on internet word of mouth. As I cover his work on a regular basis, I notice each of his releases have a different sound and prevailing mood. The prevailing mood of Scarlet relies on piano and vocals, with drums and keyboards briefly added. From my perspective it leans a closer to the somber compositions of Nine Inch Nails and Sisters Of Mercy, for the retreat and reclusion personified by the instruments and vocals. Going by the lyrics however, this piece is clearly not an exercise in mishap or self-pity. If you’re familiar with NIN and the Sisters you’re familiar with the enchantment and dark romance often associated with their songs (Type O Negative also merits acknowledgement in this department). Besides this there is commercial potential here, only not of the dumbed down, formulaic, radio friendly kind. Scarlet exhibits commercial potential without trying to or compromising the genuine feeling that would convince the listener to relate to long after a single is off the charts. And continuing to relate to the song would not in any way be for nostalgia. This owes as much to lyrics without repetition or bravado, instead conveying the desire to leave past mistakes and start over. The song is a process of rebirth, leaving it open for the listener to decide what happens after the leap of faith at the end. The journey gothic music personifies is mirrored by lines like “I need to be alone tonight/Cast the flame unto your heart/And I'm afraid I'll break it/Many I've broke before/yet this one knows that I can't take it.” This is a small sample of the lyrics’ poeticism that grows with each line. Following each line written is a profound experience, and every song Regadas writes and composes comes closer to art. This journey is much like the one in Scarlet. -Dave Wolff

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