Monday, September 14, 2020

Full Length Review: Crucifixion "Desert of Shattered Hopes / A Cold Sea of Horror" (La Caverna Records) by Gene Olivarri

Band: Crucifixion
Location: Houston, Texas
Country: USA
Genre: Death metal
Format: Digital album, compact disc
Label: La Caverna Records (Bogota, Colombia)
Release date: August 10, 2020
Review Time! Metal ghouls, Tonight's tale of terror is Crucifixion’s album “Desert of Shattered Hopes / A Cold Sea of Horror”. This band has an interesting sound; if you’re an old skool death head Crucifixion will take you back and remind you of Morbid Angel and Morgoth with a twist of early Deicide with over the top riffage. A small track that I liked is “Remembering The Dead (intro)”. The acoustic entrance was so beautiful and then bam!!!! just like that the heavy brutality kicks in. The sound this band produced is just so incredible with crisp and clear recordings. The guitars are crunchy and sharp sounding, like a chainsaw piercing and cutting through bones. The double bass drums are so on point, and the mix is awesome is all I gotta say! The soloing reminds me of early Slayer with Hallow's Eve type soloing and Dark Angel and the intros to some of the songs are unique. Everyone has to take a listen to this album as nothing is disappointing. What really stands out is the drummer! He is amazing with great taste; his approach really brings everything out with palatable taste. This band really know what they are doing; I would love to see them live to hear this brutality through a loud concert system! Vocalist Danny Martinez has that old skool growl from the very depths of fucking HELL!!!!!!!!! Go out and BUY THIS ALBUM!!!!!!!!!!! And when you get turn it up loud!!! It's KILLER!!!!!! KEEP THRASHING AND SUPPORTING UNDERGROUND MUSIC AND ZINES. Til next time, back to the dungeon to cut up another offering soon, so stay hungry my metal ghouls! –Gene Olivarri


Desert of Shattered Hopes (1993)
Danny Martinez: Bass, back-up vocals and lead-vocals
Armando Mata: Lead, rhythm and acoustic guitar, keyboard
Puppet Cavazos: Drums
Adam Cantu: Rhythm guitar and guitar screams

A Cold Sea of Horror (1991)
Daniel Martinez: Vocals
Armando Mata: Lead Guitar
Mark Vargas: Rhythm Guitar
Jose Esquivel: Bass Guitar
Puppet Cavazos: Drums

Track list:
1. Desert of Shattered Hopes
2. Binding of Dragons
3. Home of the Lonesome Wanderers
4. Black Mourning
5. Remembering the Dead (Intro)
6. Sick are the Shadows of Reality
7. Descendants Thereafter
8. Tomorrow is the End
9. Woods for the Suicides
10. A Cold Sea of Horror
11. Home of the Lonesome Wanderers
12. Trees Sucumb
13. Screaming Fatality
14. Tomorrow is the End 

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