Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Split full length review: Splatterhouse/Gruesome Stuff Relish "Splatterhouse/Gruesome Stuff Relish" (No Escape Records) by Devin Joseph Meaney

Band: Splatterhouse
Location: Portland, Oregon
Country: USA
Genre: Death metal/grindcore
Band: Gruesome Stuff Relish
Location: Mieres, Asturias
Country: Spain
Genre: Death metal/grindcore
Split full length: Splatterhouse/Gruesome Stuff Relish
Format: CD, streaming
Label: No Escape Records
Release date: 2003
Continuing on, I came upon yet another Splatterhouse split! This one features the legendary Gruesome Stuff Relish on the opposing side... so clearly I could not resist this one. And at just under 20 minutes... hell, I definitely have time for this one!
The Splatterhouse recordings are tighter and more high-fi than the ones on the split with Birdflesh. And although they are produced a bit better (in my opinion) I'd say that the overall vibes are the same. These guys (kinda?) sound like Ghoul. But I dig it!
The Gruesome Stuff Relish is pure classical GSR. Putrid pitched vocals and amazing highs paired with down-tuned guitars and a drummer that just won't quit!
Splatterhouse is a really cool band and I am glad that I found them. But the GSR blows the lid off completely. I may be a bit biased as I have been listening to GSR for years. But I think the intensity speaks for itself.
This is another dive into the realms of grind history. Released in 2003... but still holds up today. Just fucking listen to it, yo! –Devin Joseph Meaney


Gruesome Stuff Relish
Santiago Argento: Guitars, bass, vocals
Noel Kemper: Guitars, bass, vocals
Pablo Deodato: Drums, vocals

Track list:
1. Splatterhouse: Maggot Sermon 
2. Splatterhouse: Awash In Gore 
3. Splatterhouse: Splatterhouse 
4. Splatterhouse: Decom-Posers (Haemmorhage Cover) 
5. Gruesome Stuff Relish: The Last Survivor 
6. Gruesome Stuff Relish: Curse Of The Templar Knights 
7. Gruesome Stuff Relish: Don't Feel shame 
8. Gruesome Stuff Relish: Zombie Madness 
9. Gruesome Stuff Relish: Jungle Of The Flesh Eating Beings

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