Sunday, September 20, 2020

Full Length Review: Orbyssmal "Gloatthe" (Independent) by Gene Olvarri

Band: Orbyssmal
Location: Brisbane
Country: Australia
Genre: Experimental black/death metal
Full Length: Gloatthe
Format: Digital album, compact disc
Label: Independent
Release date: August 17, 2020
Hello metal ghouls on tonight's chopping block we will feast on the very depths of hell offerings of Brisbane, Australia's Orbyssmal and their album Gloatthe. This band totally gets it. Gloatthe is just so raw and filled with the most brutal hate surging through this album. The drumming is bestial, barbaric pounding which sounds like explosive cannons to my ears. The second track “Tentacle” is like a shovel pounding dirt into a crypt. Orbyssmal is an experimental/black/death metal band, pretty unique in this style of music. The vocals, which are banshee screams of terror through the entire album, were done very raw. You can just hear the violent evil nature of these vocals, piercing with so much hate and pain. At times I felt elements of Bathory and Xasthur in the most evil way. I felt the guitar riffs could have been more thought out and I couldn't hear too much bass cutting through. The mixing and mastering was pure chaos and despair rumbling through my speakers and I felt immersed in Orbyssmal’s chaotic satanic hell. I thank you for this offering and if you love raw chaotic evil black/death this is your band.
Thanks to all my metal ghouls for feasting on tonight's offering. Until next time KEEP SUPPORTING UNDERGROUND MUSIC AND ZINES, KEEP IT METAL AND KEEP THRASHING! –Gene Olvarri

Orbyssmal: Vocals, all instruments

Track list:
1. Gluant
2. Tentacle
3. Canker
4. Quiver the qualm
5. Manorisms
6. Ambiguise
7. Unbeknownst
8. Barrenaurealism
9. Sigil Unbidden
10. Contort
11. Sewed

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