Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Poem: Untitled by Jillanna Babb

By Jillanna Babb

I would become another lost animal hiding "in the wild." Heroic rescuers, I already know your names. I know the names of the destroyers as well. I know their greed and their game that indentures us to their service and their destructive paradigm. I understand them, as I am also human, also animal. I am burdened with their fleas and wires and the cage they taught me to build. Here I am. I open the wall of the waters. I see that I am the same. Our bare spirits quiver in the wake of our existence. Do not think the scouring, fearful masters will defeat mortality. It will be the wild man. The untamed child. The Mother baring breast and teeth in sacrifice. Mother Bear. Mother Wolf. Mother Moon. There are choices now. Choose

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