Sunday, September 27, 2020

Full Length Review: Sadistic Drive "Anthropophagy" (La Caverna Records) by Gene Olivarri

Band: Sadistic Drive
Location: Joensuu
Country: Finland
Genre: Death metal
Full length: Anthropophagy
Format: Compact disc, digital album
Label: La Caverna Records (Bogota, Colombia)
Release date: August 11, 2020
Hello my metal ghouls greetings from the very depths of hell!!!!!! Tonight's soul grinding offering is SADISTIC DRIVE’s “Anthropophagy” full length album. I was insanely impressed with this offering; I have to admit I was absolutely blown outta my brain with every track on this album. The heaviness, the catchiness of every riff and the vocal patterns. Niklas Heiskanen, my horns go off to you. The powerful roar of gritty, crusty death metal rips out this vocalist’s throat like a bucket of razors ripping left and right through flesh. This band, to my ears, has a different way with their music. It’s death metal in the vein of Pungent Stench and Morgoth with maybe ten per cent doom in some areas. This was extremely well done for the palate of hungry metal ghouls who will not stop ripping this release apart once they throw it on and turn the stereo to ten. The eerie harmonizing of SADISTIC DRIVE’s guitarist is almost like Death’s “Spiritual Healing”. It feels as if every riff was just pounding, making any metal head bang like crazy!
The snippets were very cool with horror themes and outros with piano at times. All the tracks are about three minutes or less and their delivery is massive with unforgettably fast tempos and over the top riffing. My metal ghouls, y'all need to check this band out; you will not be disappointed. The album is for $7 on Bandcamp. Believe me, it’s worth every penny for this offering. The drumming sounded so massive as well. I would turn the tracks up through my stereo speakers, thundering my walls with heavy double kick. Well that does it for me. It’s time to go back and feast on some souls. KEEP SUPPORTING UNDERGROUND MUSIC AND ZINES!!!!!!!!!!!!! KEEP IT HEAVY AND KEEP THRASHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! –Gene Olivarri

Niklas Heiskanen: Vocals, bass
Jusa Janhonen: Guitars
Matti Kolehmainen: Guitars
Jesse Rasanen: Drums

Track list:
1. Serial Cleaner
2. Internal Putrefaction
3. Acid Vomit
4. Neurosyphilitic Lunacy
5. Run Over and Left to Die
6. Worm-Eaten Abomination
7. Disease-Ridden Pervert
8. Ferox (Victim of Anthropophagous Tribe)
9. Lust for Scum
10. Body Part Puzzle

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