Thursday, September 10, 2020

Split Full Length Review: Lake Of Depression/Sköll "El trágico llanto del valle" (Jaibaná Records) by Gene Olivarri

Band: Lake Of Depression
Location: Chiriquí
Country: Panama
Genre: Funeral doom/death metal
Band: Sköll
Location: Chiriquí
Country: Panama
Genre: Atmospheric doom/death metal
Split full length: El trágico llanto del valle
Format: Digital album, compact disc
Label: Jaibaná Records
Release date: January 15, 2020
Review time! My metal ghouls, tonight we feast on an incredible offering, “El Tragico Llanto Del Valle” a split album (2020) by Lake Of Depression and Sköll off of the great Panamanian label Jaibana Records. Lake Of Depression has this very somber atmospheric level of funeral doom which is very punishing to the soul and mind. You can hear the agony in Ricardo "Lebzul" Brenes vocals. The harmonizing of the guitars has this eerie sound like a crypt was ripped open to lead you to your death soundtrack very wonderful touch to this album side. The album side of Lake Of Depression has a melodic doom that you can just take in and enjoy. The music flows so freely and is done right most of all with good taste. The song “Rain On Your Grave” really took me back; it reminded me of a Tristania/Lacuna Coil approach. Adhy Velasquez has such a beautiful range in her vocals through the song, which is definitely the light at the end of this dark ride. This band is very talented the way they did this side of the album. Everyone needs to buy this release; you will not be disappointed once you pop it in your radio and turn it up. The mixing and mastering sounded great as you can hear everything so crisp and clear. Sköll has a black/death/funeral doom sound which is very outside the box. Powerful vocals roar through the band's tracks and the keyboards add a depressive feel as if Sköll is digging out of their graves to take you into their dark side of pain and suffering. I really loved this side of the split as it is very mid-paced depressive funeral doom packed with trails of sorrow and never-ending pain.
Please go and buy this album everyone; you will not be disappointed. Support Jaibana Records’ upcoming future releases, keep thrashing and always keep it loud Metal Ghouls! –Gene Olivarri


Lake Of Depression
Ricardo "Lebzul" Brenes: Vocals, all instruments
Eduardo Vanegas: Bass
Adhy Velásquez: Guest vocals

Martín González: All instruments

Track list:
1. Lake Of Depression - Agonía De Un Sueño
2. Lake Of Depression - The Dead Whale
3. Lake Of Depression - Dejar De Respirar
4. Lake Of Depression - Rain On Your Grave
5. Sköll - El Poder De La Soledad
6. Sköll - Mi Triste Camino
7. Sköll - Triste Ilusión
8. Sköll - Anima Siderum

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