Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Poem: "Easy Answers" by Tony Sokol

Easy Answers
By Tony Sokol

I have a secret, I've kept it half my life.
It's come to define me and people my age:
I read a book once. Okay, I saw it on TV.
I lied about the book thing,
couldn't get through a page.

And who's fault is that? Well, mine of course.
But I had BPD.
And DID and ADD and repressed rage with anchovies.

I know you're looking for easy answers.
I don't think there's any to be found.
But if you're looking over here to find them
there's a worse problem going around.

I have no secrets. Don't know the truth behind the lies.
I write the words, you play the part.
You say political art is suicide.
I say suicide is political art.

So what if we go postal in a tower
or our kids bring guns to school
Or we join some terrorist network
and leave our expatriated asses in Kabul?

I have a secret, you're like the tenth person I've told
I killed JFK when I was eight months old.

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