Wednesday, September 30, 2020

EP Review: Noise Inferno "The Hidden Truth" (Independent) by Gene Olvarri

Band: Noise Inferno 
Location: Monterrey
Country: Mexico 
Genre: Heavy metal
EP: The Hidden Truth
Format: CD (limited to 1000 copies), streaming
Label: Independent
Release date: May 5, 2020
Hello! MY METAL GHOULS!!! Time to sink our teeth into an offering from the metal gods tonight. We feast on a remarkable, impressive band hailing all the way from MEXICO, the extremely talented NOISE INFERNO. First and foremost, as I started to listen to this album it was just insanely enjoyable. The notation of everyone in the band is almost like high octane early 80s metal with a twist of heavy progressive and very aggressive tones. It knocked me back with the sound the band offers.
Vocalist Armando Vocales has great pitch and range, attacking all five of the incredible tracks with precision and tasteful patterns pushing his range without struggle. He has a clear, powerful and strong voice. And is the right pick for what NOISE INFERNO has to offer and what all metalheads love hearing.
The guitarists Jhs Zombie and Carlos Lara really accomplish a unique sound, consisting of tone and crunchy fat guitar riffs. Heavy progressive metal with about ten per cent thrash riffing in parts of the songs. You can tell both guitarists are not trying to play a billion miles an hour and that as a unit they complement each other’s playing, the riff placing is thought out and the memorable guitar leads harmonize beautifully.
We can’t forget the men producing the heavy bottom end for NOISE INFERNO, bassist Ivan Hernandez and drummer Kike Tooll. They both bring to the table a very distinct sound. Hernandez has a percussive kind of bass sound, doing memorable bass lines that hold the music up, being solid and in the pocket. Tooll sounds like a powerful Sherman tank destroying everything in its path. With incredible timing pushing punishing tone and double kick assault to their full potential, he gives the band an amazing sound making their album unique which made me happy.
Well that does it for me Metal Ghouls. Time to close the tombs until the next offering. KEEP SUPPORTING UNDERGROUND MUSIC AND ZINES!!!!!!! KEEP THRASHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! –Gene Olvarri

Armando Vocales: Vocals
Jhs Zombie: Guitars
Carlos Lara: Guitars
Ivan Hernandez: Bass
Kike Tooll: Drums

Track list
1. Deceptive God
2. Bloodbeast
3. Rhythm of Amdukias
4. Enki
5. The Hidden Truth

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