Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Poem: "The Sleep" by Kaya Chaos

The Sleep
By Kaya Chaos

I have nightmares about mistakes
I haven't made,
I keep working the numbers
but they don't compute or equate,
this time lines running parallel
to a dream that I once had,
where you and I were more than we,
better than us,
but still ourselves.
I sit and think about the ways
your lips move when you’re thinking,
about some tiny little detail in a story I just told, though it was true
I did embellish
and you knew right when I said it
that some words
are only words
they’re only words
that’s how it goes.
There was a time not long ago
Before you came into the story
I didn’t care whether I cared
Caring too much became too boring
But before I fell too deep
into the dark and cold and black
I found some comfort in the darkness
Didn’t care if I came back
Then something happened
Somehow it changed
I smoked a cigarette
And heard your name.

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