Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Film Review: Creature (Trans World Entertainment, 1985) by Devin Joseph Meaney

Creature (1985)
Directed by William Malone Writing Credits
Written by William Malone and Alan Reed
Produced by Moshe Diamant (executive producer) and William G. Dunn Jr. (producer)
Starring Stan Ivar, Wendy Schaal and Lyman Ward
Trans World Entertainment
While browsing TubiTV I stumbled upon the 1985 cult movie “Creature”, also known as “Titan Find” or “The Titan Find”. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into, but after watching the film, I only really have a few things to say.
First off, this movie is fucking cheesy. Maybe it is because it is so absolutely dated, but it features some of the worst acting and effects ever. If you want a movie that is full to the brim with astounding effects and movie magic wizardry, this is for sure not the movie you are looking for. Again, it came out in 1985 so we need to cut it some slack…but this is literally a “man in a rubber suit” type deal.
Secondly, at first glance I would have said this was a clear Aliens rip-off (the creature looks remarkably similar to a Xenomorph), but after doing some mild research I found out that there was work done on this film by Robert and Dennis Skotak, who actually went on to work on Aliens…so I guess that the similarities between the creatures are forgivable.
Creature was nominated for Best Horror Film and Best Special Effects (I don’t see how) by the Academy of Science Fiction and Fantasy and Horror Films at the 12th Saturn Awards, but lost on both accounts to Gremlins. (Which honestly makes a lot of sense, because Gremlins is far superior of a film in my opinion).
Directed by William Malone, this film is supposedly a “cult classic”…but I’m not sure if I will be watching it again. I did enjoy viewing this, but in my opinion it is a one-watch-wonder and I can see why it was on Tubi as opposed to Netflix or some of the other providers. Do you want to get a laugh at poor effects and rubber aliens? Sure. Give this one a go. But don’t say I didn’t warn you…this is B- at best. –Devin Joseph Meaney

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