Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Poem: "Models" by Jeremy Void

By Jeremy Void

She bought him whiskey
when he was 17
if he promised to drink it
with her. She was sad and skinny

kinda pretty too
Dressed like a French model.
She was classy.
He was not. He was skinny too but

dirty like a raccoon.
He foraged in dumpsters and
clung to women with money
even though his background

wasn’t of the poor.
He could rip his clothing and
his parents would buy him
more but still he chose

to collect dirty clothing
that he found in dumpsters.
At 17 he drank a lot
At 21 she was lonely

Once she kissed him
That’s for another time
but he never really knew her

as much as he knew his own.

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