Sunday, July 11, 2021

Full Length Review: Tyler The Creator "Call Me If You Get Lost" (Columbia Records) by Corban Skipwith

Artist: Tyler The Creator
Country: USA
Genre: Hip hop
Full Length: Call Me If You Get Lost
Format: Digital, CD
Label: Columbia Records
Release date: June 25, 2021
In every artist’s career they strive to hit what’s known globally as ‘Prime’ a state where an individual or group is untouchable in their craft and it’s in these endangered years that one must utilize their time to the fullest. Allow me to introduce Tyler The Creator (CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST)
So, this is the sixth full length album by the artist Tyler, The Creator, a man who since his debut on the scene back in 2007 has become one of the most diverse and creative artists to ever do it with his influences ranging from:
-Hip Hop
-Lo Fi and more, from his first album ‘Bastard’ to his latest prior to this one ‘Igor’ there is no stone left unturned in the ever growing legacy of Tyler.
But on this record, as is mentioned by everyone listening Tyler is finally ready to flex and he’s doing a fantastic job doing it!
Firstly, what makes this album pop the way it does is how he blends the prominent sounds of pop, Jazz, Experimental and Hip Hop all together to create this powerhouse project that’s equal parts BANGER and SMOOTH with the incorporation of all those above mentioned elements.
From the opening track ‘SIR BAUDELAIRE’ you get this strong Experimental Jazz feel with Tyler rapping better than he ever has before, also introducing the hype man for this album who is featured throughout DJ Drama who is the perfect man to help push this album into the BANGER territory.
What’s also apparent to me is how he’s trying to combine the Pop/Soul sounds he used so well on ‘Igor’ and combine it within this album which I feel was a smart move, because similar to how Brockhampton did with their ‘Saturation’ series how they would combine bangers with soothing melodies and hooks, I feel this is doing the same thing with songs like ‘SWEET/I THOUGHT YOU WANTED TO DANCE’ in this over 9 minute grand centerpiece you really capture Tyler’s soulful side and I appreciate that he didn’t just go backwards in his music experiences and ditch what he’s done in the past for something perhaps a little less ‘welcoming’ for listeners.
If I had to choose a favourite track on the album it would have to be ‘WILSHIRE’ an over 8 minute story telling masterpiece describing an emotionally crushing experience for Tyler and a girl he was friends with.
I don’t want to spoil the song but it truly is amazing just how good Tyler conceptualized the story, his visuals, his wordplay everything was perfect and I remember when I first listened to the track I was walking Zeus and I had to slow down the walk just so I could have time to soak the lyrics in and embrace the story, it was engaging from start to finish.
If there’s one negative I have to say about this album it would have to be the features, I feel besides maybe Lil Wayne all the guests did nothing for me in elevating the tracks they were on, Lil Uzi Vert wasn’t too bad but I feel if you’re going to be a feature on someone’s track you should do your absolute best! And considering some of the A list names on this project they should have been a lot better.
But besides that, this album was amazing! It shows Tyler’s growth as an artist, his creativity to combine a series of different sounds and genres together, I love how he’s finally taking time out to brag and show off because if anyone deserves the right to do so it’s Tyler!
Let me know if you’ve heard the album or not! I’ll link the YouTube Music/Spotify links to the album! –Corban Skipwith

Track list:
1. Sir Baudelaire (Ft. Dj Drama)
2. Corso
3. Lemonhead (Ft. 42 Dugg)
4. Wusyaname (Ft. Nba Youngboy & Ty Dolla $Ign)
5. Lumberjack
6. Hot Wind Blows (Ft. Lil Wayne)
7. Massa
8. Runitup (Ft. Teezo Touchdown)
9. Manifesto (Ft. Domo Genesis)
10. Sweet/I Thought You Wanted To Dance (Ft. Brent Faiyaz & Fana Hues)
11. Momma Talk
12. Rise! (Ft. Daisy World)
13. Blessed
14. Juggernaut (Ft. Lil Uzi Vert & Pharrell Williams)
15. Wilshire
16. Safari / Fishtail (CD track)

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