Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Poem: "Meaningless Exsistance" by Skitz J. Fitch

Meaningless Exsistance
Skitz J. Fitch

Noise in my head noise in my head these thoughts they haunt my sleep they tell me that I am better off dead , make the noise stop make it drop the tones they creek and moan they scratch at the inside of my head clawing fighting tearing biting , please give me rest please take this weight off my mind take me to the dark leave me behind . this wall my resting place leave me be I am to tired to go on no motivation to eat no rest from this noise to sleep nothing to comfort or hold me , cold so cold my body turned to a husk my breathe turned to ash as my skin dissolves into dust I would slit my wrist if I believed I could bleed anything to bring an end to this pain anything to cease being me , please quite this noise this terrible noise time for the Devil to put away his toys machinations of a new hell close my eye's one last time tonight here I come .

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