Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Poem: "Silence Absolute" by Coralie Rowe

Silence Absolute
by Coralie Rowe

Falling into this realm of dreams
Nothing ever was as it seems
Fracturing figments swirling as one
Nightmarish apparitions that slowly become

Marbling mists of twisted shades
Appear so briefly and then they fade
Dancing in between black monstrosities grow
Moving in silence through the fog they flow

These eerie delusions they taunt my eyes
Creatures of wrath, death and despise
Spiralling back and forth enclosing around me
Seeking to consume me into my insanity

Manifestations of ash swirl in silence absolute
A raging seething mass that incessantly convolutes
An illusionary storm of undeniable hatred
My impending doom which could not be sated

They took me to pieces, fragmented my parts
Dislocated my being and devoured my heart
Absorbed into my dreams darkest deviations
Swallowed whole by my own mind's creations

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