Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Poem: "Building A Ship In A Bottle From Unsent Letters" by Jerry Langdon

Building A Ship In A Bottle From Unsent Letters
©Jerry Langdon 2021

They say a message depends on the point of view.
From my perspective it's pointless without you.
Between drinking whiskey and writing
I'm unsure which is more intoxicating.
I have been so lost in spilling my heart to you
That letters piled, unsent and long overdue;
So overdue they missed your burial.
A day that has since been a daily trial;
One which a bottle or two had to believe
In a sad sad attempt to relieve.
Instead I just relive and write another
Long overdue and saddened love letter.
I close my eyes to the presence of tears.
I sink in sorrow; drown in the years.
I crack another bottle and fill another page,
'Cause love letters get better the more they age.
I crawl in the bottle of whiskey
And drown in its feral sea.
I build a raft from unsent letters to you
But there is no land in view.
So I begin to build a ship
That will surely endure the trip

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