Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Full Length Review: Interstitia "Hermes Slips The Trap" (Pax Aeternum Digital) by Corban Skipwith

Band: Interstitia
Location: Asheville, North Carolina
Country: USA
Genre: Electronic, ambient, techno, downtempo
Full Length: Hermes Slips The Trap
Format: Digital album
Label: Pax Aeternum Digital
Release date: July 16, 2021
You know something I find pretty underrated is the need, the want, the passion for creativity!
Not many people want to be creative or should I say not many people want to push the boundaries and this is for obvious reasons they don’t want to look foolish, they don’t want their sales to dwindle, they don’t want a new sound that their current listeners may hate to the core, they don’t want to ruin the good thing going for them and probably most importantly they can’t be bothered switching up a change in lane because when the lane that you’re in is doing fine ‘don’t fix something that isn’t broken’ is the expression.
What we see here is a rare instance of pretty much someone going ‘screw it let’s go balls to the walls’ and that is the main quality I love about this album because unlike the other albums that I’ve covered this doesn’t have any vocals, it’s just a wonderfully mixed electronic fusion of all kinds of sounds.
Whether you are you talking about experimental, whether you’re talking about rave, whether you’re talking about hard bass, whether you’re talking about classic techno or whether you’re talking about house there’s elements of everything in here! But what makes it special is that each song represents its own different layout of the electronic world (so to speak).
Over the six tracks including the final track which is a 15 minute Magnum Opus we have such a variety of textures such an exploration of colours sound and vibrant textiles, sonic textiles that help represent the fabric of what a creative person or persons can do when given the opportunity to reinvent themselves!
Now to be fair this is the first album I’ve heard of them maybe in their past discography they do this kinda stuff all the time but to me this is colourful, this is vibrant, this is as I said a deep exploration into the world of electronic music!!
It may not seem like it, thanks to my reviews that I am a fan of electronic music but I really am (when it’s done right)!
To me this album sounds like a combination of early Deadmau5 mixed with Death Grips mixed with a little bit of Steve Aioki and even a little touch of classic early David Guetta!
You can even find earlier influences of synthpop in here as well such as your classic or you’re Yellow Magic Orchestra (straight from Japan).
This group uses fundamental sounds and combine them together to make a not so traditional mix of all the brightest sounds and colours of the world that is electronic and I really appreciate that!
It was a fun listen, each song represents its own sub style and altogether comes for a really great really forward thinking and really Boundary pushing album and I highly recommend that you all give it a try because although this has no vocals in more than makes up for it in production! –Corban Skipwith

Graham Scala: Sounds, art, mixing, and mastering

Track list:
1. Ekstasis
2. Monument Eternal
3. Rye Wolves
4. Axis Mundi
5. Marzeah
6. The Truly Angelic Must Instill Fear

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