Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Poem: "Nirvana" by Jeremy Void

by Jeremy Void

I woke up and they were gone.
I was crashing and my veins were on fire.
I was in a strange room and the lights were so bright
my eyes turned inside out.
I begged to turn back time, just to feel that rush again.
I remembered the feeling
like a distant memory.
So long ago it was that she removed the needle
and I sunk back into the couch.
I remembered the threads of blood
mixing with the drug
the tension released when she undid the tourniquet
and I could feel the floor drop as she pushed
as she pushed the cocaine into the hole in my arm.
I never thought I would die.
Snorting cocaine was great.
Smoking crack was better.
Shooting it, now that takes the cake.
She and Andrew gave that guy a ride to get more.
She blew him the night before in exchange for some more.
She wasn’t a whore, for I would have done the same, just to get more.

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