Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Poem: "After Twilight" by Renascentia Bella Morte

After Twilight
by Renascentia Bella Morte

Into the dark I went
Never knowing you would meet me there.
Two familiar souls colliding in the midst of night.
No words needed,
Everything felt energetically right.
In this moment it was all known.
A familiarity, a bond between them both.
No words were needed.
Yet with each one spoken.
A calmness, a sweet surrender,
For the first time not wanting to run.
Their two separate souls,
Started intertwining as one.
And so there in the darkness,
Time stood frozen.
They both knew in their hearts they had been awoken.
Awoken to something beautiful in each other, in the darkness a light.
They both remember this at every twilight.

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