Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Poem: "Echoes in the Mist" by M Teresa Clayton

Echoes in the Mist
by M Teresa Clayton

One can hear, if he listens very well,
The echoes in the mist and stories they tell.
Lie down upon the moss, soft and sweet,
Say nothing, just listen as they begin to speak.
The fog slowly covers the landscape where
The sights and surroundings look eerily bare.
Your mind no longer knows the distance or the way,
You have no other choice, listen to what they say.
“You are not lost, you are simply found,
Look out into the mist that moves o’er the ground -
It knows the way to where it is going
Without ever asking, just with the ’knowing’.
Remember the lady who loves you dear,
She has cleaved you a path, so do not fear.
There are no obstacles to overcome, so receive.
The key is the ‘knowing’ and to simply believe.
Near the hearth, she keeps a fire for you.
She knows you are coming, you are long overdue.”
“Now the fog is lifting, can you see the tall trees?
Can you hear the birds and feel the soft breeze?
Look out at the distance, there is where you belong!
In the arms of her love, so pure, true and strong.
Yes, you have been found worthy of this gift of love,
It surrounds you here, with blessings from above.
We will walk with you until you and she are united,
Then your topsy-turvy world will at once be uprighted.
Oh how we will rejoice when you no longer need to roam -
The celebration awaits you, sir, at the gates of your home.”

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