Thursday, December 2, 2021

Single Review: Expedition "Within The Shadows" (Expedition Records) by Corban Skipwith

Location: Letterkenny Co. Donegal
Country: Ireland
Genre: Heavy/thrash metal
Format: Digital, streaming
Label: Expedition Records
Release date: 2021
An ‘Expedition’ is defined as
‘A Journey Undertaken by a group of people with a particular purpose’
And on this occasion, we found a (GROUP) of (PEOPLE) whose particular purpose was to rock out as hard and as groovy as possible! So I present to you
Expedition with -Within The Shadows
So, this track catches your attention in so many ways, for example the strong ‘Thrash’ style which is representative of the early stages of the early to mid-80’s matching more with albums like
Metallica -Kill Em All
Anthrax -Fistful Of Metal
Slayer -Show No Mercy
It has that strong classic flavour to it that you just don’t see these days anymore, I wouldn’t say it’s as aggressive as what Thrash evolved into but as stated above shares a stronger resemblance to its more reckless, speed-infested early stages!
The groove on this thing is also undeniable! Just like those early Thrash albums had which was that touch of magic that just made you want to air guitar all the way to the store, work or home! It’s the kind of infectious sonic aesthetic that made you pumped up and ready to go!
Also, one thing I really love about this band is that you can hear their Irish accents coming through and that’s sick! I’m not sure why that’s so cool to me it’s just I hate when I’m listening to a band/artist who are from wherever they are and they don’t have the exciting accent to go with it, but that’s not an issue here! I can hear it strong and it makes me root for them that much more!
So, the last question remaining is. What’s the wait? The expedition is here and it’s taking all comers! Preparations? All you need is
-Open Mind
-A Heart Full Of Metal
-A Good Night Sleep because this journey is just the beginning and it’s not stopping anytime soon!
Good work lads, love it! Keep up the good work! Corban Skipwith

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