Saturday, April 2, 2022

Full Length Review: Celtic Hills "Huldufólk" (Elevate Records) by Corban Skipwith

Band: Celtic Hills
Location: Udine
Country: Italy
Genre: Power metal
Full Length: Huldufólk
Format: Digital album, compact disc
Label: Elevate Records
Release date: April 1, 2022
Every year, every month (hell every week) there will be a new release somewhere in world. Music never sleeps and neither do the artists eager to release said products so today we have a very special album review with 11 new tracks (and a remix) under their belt and I think it’s time to talk about it.
So, this is my first experience with this group but the vibe they give off is a strong ‘Speed Metal/Prog Metal’ combination with some fantastic theatrical themes and elements mixed in for a more ‘grand’ feel and polished production one would come to expect in these types of sub genres.
I love the instrumentation of this album a lot. Each song represents something unique and interesting on the record that helps support the other 11 tracks on the record, I know I use this analogy a lot but the sonic image of a flowing river where each stream leads to the ocean in perfect harmony and sync is what comes to mind when I think of an album such as this that does a fantastic job at making each piece not only relevant to the conceptual story told but also the instrumentation and production value are all up to pair with the next (no odd song out) so to speak in that aspect.
I also love the faint ‘Viking/Folk’ inspirations shown on this project kind of like the intro to the 7th track ‘Living Out Of The Egg’ with 20 seconds of absolutely lush Folk instrumentation which ultimately leads to that trademark ‘Speed Metal’ sound. It’s cool that they find a way to add so many subtle sounds and inspiration within the 2 main dominating sub genres in the driver’s seat (so to speak).
The vocals on this thing are great too! With that awesome powerful harmonies delivered by Johnathan! reminds me of some old school ‘Dio’ or ‘Iron Maiden’ back in the golden era which is really hard to find artists who do that in today’s day and age so that’s super cool to hear in 2022. Another great aspect is the guitar riffs, they add the perfect energy and technical prowess for the other instruments to work so well, can’t forget those killer instinct drums that just hammer the roof off the building!
What else can I say? This is one badass album. It’s literally got everything a Metal head could want:
-Powerful vocals
-Savage instrumentation
It’s literally got it all and tons more, go check it out today! Corban Skipwith

Jonathan Vanderbilt: Vocals, guitars
Jacopo Novello: Bass
Simone 'Zigo' Cescutti: Drums

Track list:
1. The Secret Of The Grail
2. Metal Message
3. After The Earthquake
4. Hidden Folk
5. Green Forest
6. Gate Of Hollow Earth
7. Living Out Of The Egg
8. The Sound Of Earth
9. The Hammer Of Thor
10. Villacher Kirktag
11. Living Out of The Egg (Feat. Simone Cescutti)
12. Words In Out (Remix 2021)

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