Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Full Length Review: Goo Fish "The French Navy" (Independent) by Corban Skipwith

and: Goo Fish
Location: Louisiana
Country: USA
Genre: Independent bottom-feeding loser rock
Full Length: The French Navy
Format: CD, digital
Label: Independent
Release date: December 1, 2021
Oh wow.
Talk about an album that makes you feel like you just snorted the whitest bag of cocaine you’ve ever seen and are now on a ride you can’t come down from, this record is absolutely insane (for better or for worse, that’s up to you).
I’ll start off by saying this, this record has some fine-tuned, exciting production. Every song on here is a pleasure to the ears for the instrumentation, structure and grand feel that comes with it all, the kind of tunes you could just sit back after a long day’s work and close your eyes and just imagine the groove.
Also, every song has its own unique sonic texture and flavor. Some songs will be mellow and acoustic, others intense, high powered velocity and then literally everything in between so you never know what you’ll be expected to get and I think that’s half the fun to be honest.
When you get a diverse mixed bag as batshit as this then it becomes a thing of wonder to attempt to assemble any kind of ‘guessing’ or ‘prediction’ because there’s never a clear indicator of what could possibly come next, no real Segway or conscious continuation that you’ve come to expect in albums over the years.
Now, I’ve tried to say the best things I could about the instrumentation and production because when it comes to the vocal performances I’m just not a fan and I hate to say that because I try to stay clear of negative reviews but I took exception with this one because I did mean what I said about the first half! The instrumentation is fun and creative so it’s worth a listen just for that aspect alone!
But yes, the vocal performances for me are just bad. Obviously when you listen to the lyrics they are just ‘tongue and cheek’ and ‘parody’ style stories and absurd humor that would find in acts like
-Steel Panther
-Tenacious D
-The BloodHound Gang
Actually I’d say they resemble (vocal wise) ‘The BloodHound Gang’ in that it’s just off for me, the performances feel awkward and not in sync with the music, and I can already tell this was done on purpose due to the nature of being ‘experimental’ like how a group like ‘Death Grips’ would shout and mutter their sentences but unfortunately MC Ride has a uniquely savage/angry voice that makes his words stand out but I can’t say that here.
Despite my criticisms these are only MY OPINIONS! I can’t speak for you and others, I’m sure some might judge me for my harsh words and that’s fine! Music is about discussion and different thoughts and ideas, that’s what I welcome but regardless this record has some of the most interesting, creative and technical production and instrumentation I’ve heard all year, it will without a doubt get you pumped! Corban Skipwith

Chris Spann: Vocals, all instruments

Track list:
1. The French Navy
2. Call Me A Bitch
3. Denny Squinn
4. Pills
5. All The Things You Wanted
6. Rent-A-Center
7. My Girlfriend's Husband
8. Uncle Buckskin
9. The Jammy Song
10. Wayne Town Connection
11. Living the Dream (Sketch Town Style)
12. Momma Shotgun

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