Friday, April 1, 2022

EP Review: The Great Lie "Burners" (Independent) by Corban Skipwith

Band: The Great Lie
Location: Long Island, New York
Country: USA
Genre: Hardcore, punk, thrash
EP: Burners
Format: Digital
Label: Independent
Release date: March 11, 2022
Review time is back and after a few days off we come back with a swing, because I guarantee you this band has more attitude then an offended comic and they not only hit harder but represent a classic era that some would argue has been long gone and forgotten.
This is a 5 track EP by the group and I love the idea to keep this thing nice and short and rebellious! This is like a sonic equivalent of attitude, passion and grit all rolled up into one project. At first listen this thing reminded me of the golden years of ‘Punk’ more specifically the band ‘Black Flag’ because it reminded me of their violent, no nonsense emotion driven ‘punk’ that I have to be honest most acts and bands today or since have found near impossible to replicate (besides a rare few of course) this band being one of them!
Also another small influence I feel I picked up on was ‘Slayer’ most importantly Tom Araya’s singing style that shouting/singing hybrid he’s known for comes through strongly on this one I believe and whether or not that band actually was an influence or not I won’t know till the band reads this review but that’s what I hear anyway and I love that combination with that ‘Punk’ element to give it that extra dose of ‘edge’ and ‘frustration’ that most genres or sub genres don’t have.
Every song on this kicks absolute ass! the production is raw and crisp, the instrumentation is brutal, quick and passion driven. You can hear it in every guitar string (those to me really shine) as the brilliant work of Gerry Giacalone on guitar really helps hit home that aggressive/rebellious sound I was talking about above! But not only that but every drum beat, every note shouted and sung that these guys are playing from the heart and whether it’s a heart the public can handle or not that’s not their concern, rather staying true to who they are and rocking as hard as they fucking can is the goal and they do that in spades (you might call them the ‘ace’ of spades).
Look, if It’s not obvious already, I love this fucking EP. It reminds me of a classic era that I replay on my phone at least once a week, It’s perfectly rough around the edges and for a 5 track record it doesn’t fuck around or cut any corners or waste the listeners time with any filler. This is just straight adrenaline from them to you and trust me one listen and you’ll be hooked! Corban Skipwith

Kerry Merkle: Vocals
Mike Scarola: Guitar, vocals
Scott Martin: Bass
John LaFata: Drums

Track list:
1. Amputee
2. Love and Brutality
3. Bumsocks and Bourbon
4. S.T.E.
5. Winter's Death

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