Sunday, April 10, 2022

Full Length Review: King Satan "Occult Spiritual Anarchy" (Electric Spark) by Corban Skipwith

Band: King Satan
Location: Tampere
Country: Finland
Genre: Occult industrial metal
Format: CD, LP, digital
Label: Electric Spark
Promoted by: Metal Message
Release date: April 8, 2022
Well, talk about a band I wouldn’t want my mum knowing I reviewed. Today we will be talking about the brand new album by Metal band King Satan featuring 11 new badass tracks ready to melt your face right off!
First of all, let’s talk style/genre because I think this record has a real tight combination of ‘Black Metal/Symphonic Metal’ that makes 50 parts brutal and other 50 elegant and mesmerizing like your listening to some demented form of musical or orchestral performance (It’s pretty sweet).
I also love the fact that no two styles ever collide in a messy way, meaning each note, each chord progression is done with the utmost care and sensibility which I really love, because that just proves how careful and technical they are not to make this record sound all over the place or jumbled when it doesn’t need to be.
The production on this thing is also ridiculously smooth and polished (but not in an Imagine Dragons sterile kind of way) no I mean it sounds ‘larger than life’ it almost gives me early ‘Cradle Of Filth’ vibes with how fine-tuned it is, how cruel yet how masterful the performances are it’s truly a breath of cold, chilling fresh air to breath in to hear a band take such amazing lengths and care into their music, I absolutely love it.
Let’s obviously not forget the actual performances themselves because they go hard, you’ve got that luscious sounding instrumentation always lingering around each track and for me personally the technique of the drums are what sticks out most to me, they sound relentless (you know that’s a big thumbs up for me).
The vocals are outstanding as well with each verse, each note hitting like a ton of devilish bricks falling on top of you and snatching your breath away, whether it’s deep death growls or higher pitched notes he knows how to hit them and more importantly when! His timing is flawless and alongside this professional assemble of instrumentation its recipe for greatness.
Overall, this is a fantastic effort by the band and I’m very happy this was my first listen to them, if you’re a metalhead then this should be an album you can’t afford to miss! Corban Skipwith

King Aleister Satan: Vocals
EF-13: Guitar
Hekate 'Kate' Boss: Synths, keys, vocals
Jerry Rock’n’Roll: Bass
Pete Hellraiser: Drums

Track list:
1. Left Hand Path Symphony
2. The Faces Of The Devil
3. The Pagan Satan
4. Devs Ex Satanas
5. Human Sacrifice
6. This Is Where The Magick Happens
7. Beyond God
8. Demon Made Flesh
9. The Devil’s Opera
10. Spiritual Anarchy ’22
11. Outro (Clowning Is Serious Business)

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