Friday, November 10, 2017

Article: Sex Crimes No Longer Acceptable by Roberta J. Downing

Sex Crimes No Longer Acceptable
Article by Roberta J. Downing, November 10, 2017

More than 10 years have passed since Tarana Burke started the Me Too campaign to bring awareness about the sexual abuse that women are subjected to. Now with Alyssa Milano giving it a reboot with #metoo, tens of thousands of women are coming forward to show the world that something must be done to stop the sexual harassment and abuse.
It just isn’t women who are coming forward. Corey Feldman has been saying for years that he was abused as a child and has recently come forward and publicly named his abusers. This is a huge step for the victims and the start of the downfall for the abusers in Hollywood.
What can we do to make people more aware? What can we do to change the behaviors of these sex offenders?
Firstly, if this has just happened to you, report it to the police. File charges. Secondly, check the federal and state laws on the statute of limitations for sex crimes and if the crime is within the time frame, file charges. Lastly, do as Corey Feldman has done and publicly name your abuser.
It is time for men and women who have been sexually abused, assaulted and harassed to stand up and hold those who have kept you silent due to threats or even your own embarrassment accountable for their actions.
The time has come where men need to alter their actions, thoughts and behaviors toward women. We do not live in country where women are owned by men nor are they second class citizens and children were married off at a very early age. We also do not live in the past where women were treated as such. As human beings we should be changing and evolving into someone and something better than what we are.
Just because we are subjected to a president who likes to “grab women by the pussy” doesn’t mean that it’s wanted. Acting and thinking that way is not only outdated, criminal but it is also no longer acceptable.
It doesn’t matter what a woman wears, how she puts on her make up or how attractive she is. Those are no longer a reason for the bad conduct.
We know that pedophiles are mentally wired wrong and that there is no permanent cure for their perverse attractions. Can we not say the same for all rapists and the majority of sex offenders? Perhaps they are mentally wired wrong as well. But can the non-pedophile sex offender be rehabilitated or cured? Would behavioral modification work? Perhaps those are things that can be studied and put into practice even though it would take time, effort and money to do.
None-the-less, these types of actions and behaviors are no longer acceptable. Soon, there will be nowhere for men and woman who commit these heinous crimes to hide as more and more people are coming forward to report and name those who commit these heinous crimes.
Those types of misconduct are no longer acceptable. Not in the church. Not in government. Not in Hollywood. Not anywhere. It is time to grow up and take responsibility for the way in which we think and act and how we speak and treat others.
Let there be no shadow left in which to hide!

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  1. for every ying, there is a yang, a yingyang. Be very careful what you do for the generations ahead. They'll only be human too. I often ponder, are we judging our heritages or simply ourselves, since adultery is still a crime. Remember Salem, Massachusetts, non were witches, but all died because someone wanted to become popular. Just tell whoever, that you have a STD, then they'll leave you alone. Besides, women are stronger than men, just kick their butts.