Monday, November 6, 2017

Poem: 'I Come Apart' by Tony Sokol

I Come Apart
by Tony Sokol

I've come apart and that's no lie
I want to dig out my brains through a socket in my eye.
I've come apart and there's no tool
that'll fix the broken laughter of this fool.
I've come apart. I broke in two.
Can't hold it together with staples, nails or glue.
All I got to show is everything I hide.
I split down the middle, and way off to the sides.
I come apart easy at the seams.
There's no fucking string to stitch up threadbare dreams.
So I lay awake and wait for the sun.
Cos I've come apart. I've come undone.

I've come apart, babe. I'm a wreck.
I'm fitting nooses for my neck.
From up on tar beach I see the street
and the sweet, sweet relief of concrete.
I've come apart. I am unhinged,
and while some might say it's a sin,
I broke down to a little thing
that can come apart until it's nothing.
I've come apart. I'm a little insane.
I can't fit the ice cream scooper through my ears to my brain.

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like old age, written on this page,
    You have come apart, just another looney old fart.
    But before you totally loose it, perhaps join a gym,
    One with a steamroom, sauna, whirlpool, one where you can swim.