Monday, November 6, 2017

Poem: 'The Thickest Struggle' by James Kenneth Blaylock

The Thickest Struggle
by James Kenneth Blaylock, 9-6-17
staggering headlong into the thick struggle,
blowing off any safety by way of wrongful trickery - such stormy knowledge harms...
besides nothing is delightfully growing whenever drowning, so very faithfully,
dutifully dying to disarm beautification
without any help the hapless victims forfeit
all victories whereas upperclass umbrellas
and good rubber galoshes go unused, do it
should they happen to exchange the pain
for less rain, well then, their future fortunes
don't have to be ever sought in crystal balls
cause change will unfurl itself with sure fine
roots under the guise of better celestial eyes
than thoughtful witnessing ones, purification

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