Saturday, November 4, 2017

Full Length Review: GAY GAY GUYS Degenerado

Release Date: October 19, 2016
Primer Crimen En La Luna: It starts with a steady drum beat that’s precise and clean, the riffs are interesting, Lyrics are ok, not bad but not marvelous either, the most eye-catching thing besides the drumming is the bass line. The singing is heart-felt but needs polishing, the guitar solo and tempo flows smoothly though.
Starbucks: The guitar riff is easy to listen to, the drums are steady , the bass line wasn’t as good as the last song and the singing wasn’t the best either but all in all is an enjoyable song with a nice break with a mini-solo on drums and the guitar solo afterwards.
Tractor: On this one the drums start really soft, clear clean and precise regardless. The lyrics on this song are repetitive mostly; the instrumentation in general is solid but the singing leaves a lot of room to improvement. The solo is catchy and fresh with the right touch of effects.
Hiperinflación: An energetic start on drums and guitar, the bass isn’t heard as much, the lyrics are smooth-flowing, with a heart-felt singing that for once is nice to listen to. The guitar strumming is quite precise and I enjoy y the fact the guitar is carried confidently. It is a solid track with a cliffhanger at the end which was a pleasant surprise.
Rosarino Cool: Starts with a bit of hillbilly-ish banjo or mandolin style which was unexpected but pleasant touch. The bass line is quite simple and the guitar is catchy. In general it’s an odd yet refreshing track.
70/30: Starts with some energy beyond Hiperinflación, dynamic drumming with a relaxed style. A catchy guitar riff with some nice playing along voice line I felt the guitar solo fell a bit short regarding past tracks but otherwise it isn’t a big flaw, it is my favorite track of the album.
Deni: The track starts with a nostalgic atmosphere, a love song, felt I was on a young love movie scene where the young couple is split far far away and try to reunite.
Anali: The song reminds me of an even stronger nostalgia, yearning with an arpeggio line on guitar and a precise bass, this is my second favorite of this album
Progresivo (Pretencioso): Dancing bass line with some minor guitar and then some mimic finally adding some series-style hype, felt I was about to watch a nice show episode that I really liked. The cleverest part is how they mimic the instruments between each other and the voice. The break part also felt full of life and well articulated. -Sophia Cynthia Cabral

Track List:
1. Primer crimen en la luna
2. Starbucks
3. Tractor
4. Hiperinflación
5. Rosarino cool
6. 70/30
7. Deni
8. Anali
9. Progresivo (pretencioso)

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