Saturday, May 19, 2018

Article: 'Catholic Church Sexual Abuse Cover Ups' by Roberta Downing

Catholic Church Sexual Abuse Cover Ups
Article by Roberta Downing, May 18, 2018

Long before the #MeToo campaign and women marching on stairs to stand up for their rights to be treated fairly, the Catholic Church in Rome had already become the world’s most notorious pedophile rings in history. The abuse can be traced as far back as the 1950’s but it wasn’t until the 1980’s that silence was broken by the parents and child victims and began telling their stories that were inflicted upon them by priests, bishops and cardinals. There is no way of knowing if these practices were occurring prior to the 1950’s.
The most horrifying aspect is that every Pope that held office since that time has covered these crimes up by moving priests and bishops to other parishes around the world. Paying bribes to the families and victims to keep their mouths shut in order to salvage the “good” reputation of the Holy Roman Church. The pontiffs even went as far as to conceal the crimes or outright deny them without any punishment given to the sex offenders.
It could not be truer that power is absolute corruption. Nowhere is this seen in covering up the sex crimes while continuing their crimes against women, specifically sex prior to marriage, birth control and abortion- all of which do nothing but suppress women and bolster men into believing that men are just not accountable for their actions.
Recently the Karadima case won some notoriety in forcing Pope Francis to take action and since then, yesterday 34 Chilian Bishops resign over even more sex scandals. Francis talks a good game however he has not brought the perpetrators to legal justice and it seems as if he will continue the same lack of action as the former pontiffs in doing nothing but protecting the predators.
It is time for the people to make a stand and hold the Church, the Pontiffs, and the predators responsible and demand that those who have been found guilty within the Church of such crimes be legally arrested outside of the church where they can stand trial in a real court of law for their crimes. How long must our children must be put at risk by the Church? Isn’t it bad enough that our children are put at risk every day by the pedophiles in our own communities?
If women can stand up and say “Me Too”, if Corey Feldman can stand up and say there are pedophile rings in Hollywood, if women and march up the stairs at entertainment events to show solidarity and demand equal rights, why then do we not do the same to take the abusive powers of a corrupted church away and force them to submit to the laws of man and furthermore, force them to stop picking and choosing which biblical laws best suit them rather than holding them to each and every word of their biblical scriptures?

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