Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Poem: 'Sugar Melt' by Heather Dawson

Sugar Melt
by Heather Dawson

My castles are built of sugar crystals pink and shining
Glossy and reflective of the light around
There are feather's in the precipice and sparkling shells
Pearls for Windows
Drawbridge of chocolate pulled shut tightly
No entrance -
No exit
Candy floss festoons
Flags of licorice
And I smile in my tower
Watching shimmer rivers run under and through me
This is a glamour
This castle is an abandoned wreck
The pearls stolen;
panes broken out
Candy devoured and left to rot
Ants in the sugar
I'm covered in sin
Everyone can see
Yet like a wind up toy
I polish my self
climb the tower stairs
over and over
hoping all will see the glitter and not the dirt
Praying : That I can fool the world as I trick myself

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