Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Poem: 'Sound Of Violence' by Coralie Rowe

Sound Of Violence
(The Sound Of Silence)
by Coralie Rowe

Hello Satan, my old friend
You've come to play with me again
'Cos an incision slowly weeping
Led your soul to come a creeping
And the incision that slanted in my brain
Still remains
Breathing the sound of violence

Defenceless screams, I stalked alone
Burrowed treats from rubble stone
'Neath the hallow of soil damp
I found the squalor of the old and cramped
With despise I jabbed, dug and thrashed through an eon night
Submit to spite
And found the sound of violence

And in the tainted light so raw
Ten thousand demons, maybe more
Demons stalking whilst out reaping
Demons stealing whilst out thieving
Demons citing wrongs in voices that shred the air
And not one cared
To curb the sounds of violence

Cruel red eyes and horns that glow
Violence like a river flows
Fear the world that I did make new
Staked my soul that I might preach you
Now my hordes, of violent servants swell
They wallow in a hell of violence

And as demons killed and slayed
More fresh blood and gore was sprayed
As these swine slashed without mourning
A newfound hell was now dawning
The decayed dead, now hung from the soffits
Are bleeding down the scarlet walls
And sentiment calls
Are whimpered to the sounds of violence

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