Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Poem: 'Just You and Me' by Andy Horry

Just You and Me
by Andy Horry

Let go of fear,
Now come over here,
There’s nothing to fear.
There’s nothing that can hurt you
Or take you out of here.
Don’t fret about what happens next
Or what’s that over there.
The body isn’t you,
The consciousness is you.
You are what is,
what was
And what will always be.
Consciousness is indestructible,
It will never leave.
Just take a step back
And be aware that you can breathe.
Embrace the breeze,
Feel the trees,
Getting weak at the knees
Just take a step back and breathe.
You will soon come to see,
There is no duality
And everything we see
Comes from the same thing
Don’t you see?
Just take a step back
And realise that those lies
you’ve been told
Have no substance at all.
Falling down the waterfall,
Just you and me.
Flying through the skies,
Just you and me.
In harmony with the world,
Just you and me.
Don’t get caught up in the lies
That they’re spreading.
It’s irrelevant
What Race,
What Creed,
Or Species,
Man it’s just obscene.
There is no duality,
Just you and me,
Just you and me.

Being With Life

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