Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Poem: 'Life In A Gunsight' by Steven Michael Pape

Life In A Gunsight
(c) Steven Michael Pape 2011

I heard on the news yet again tonight,
Another soldier killed, life in a gunsight
And these children fighting far from home,
As their relatives await news by the phone.
Blood in the forgotten land amidst all the contraband,
And the trigger that is pulled by the youngest hand
This government war, bullet casings on the floor,
As the tanks thunder on and the bombs all roar.
Agonized protests in these days of unrest,
A mere tool of the state in bullet-proof vests
Caught up in a web that slowly tightens,
A thin alibi concocted for all of the frightened.
The injuries inflicted in this human dirt War,
Each step of co-operation, more bodies on the floor
In this structure of long lost authority,
A faded fundamental mode of the majority.
Again the union jack is draped over the wood,
The governments quoted,`This soldier did good`
Yet War rages on, no submission and no light,
As another innocent is lined up in a gunsight.

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