Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Poem: 'Bombs on the Playground' by M Teresa Clayton

Bombs on the Playground
by M Teresa Clayton

The sound of explosions unlike any I have ever heard.
Trembling as we huddle together, no one saying a word.
The mind goes numb to what may have occurred and
Children fall to their deaths, the shooter undeterred.
Run, children, run as fast as you can, safety is out there.
Get behind the doors and under desks strewn everywhere.
Calling your mother, your father, who are still unaware.
Suffocating under the weight of so much despair.
Reload, did I hear him reload? Is he coming for me?
Turn off the lights and remain still so he can’t see.
Sounds of screams drowning out plea after plea.
Did we lock the door? Does he have the key?
Sirens in the distance, there is help on the way.
I have lost my heart on this Valentine’s day.
The silence of those with so much to say.
How do I find the words I need to pray?
Every second is my last, I count them down.
What once was deafening makes not a sound.
All we have left is right here kneeling on the ground.
Shock has settled in, wondering will I be found.
Blood splatters the walls and form pools on the floor.
I can see the massacre he created just outside the door.
Seems he isn’t finished, still looking for more…
More lives to cut down, I feel burnt to my core.
Breathe, she says, as she screams into my face.
Look at me, son, you cannot be replaced.
Don’t close your eyes, don’t fix your eyes on empty space.
Stay with me, son, your life is a promise of love and grace.
I watched as she exhaled her last breath as she spoke.
Again, the silence became mayhem, the barrier broke.
The weight of my breathing causes me to choke.
The blood I’m drowning in, above me – so much smoke.
How many will be waiting for me on the other side?
I tried, but there was no place for us to hide.
It happened so fast, now with eyes opened wide…
I take my place with the innocent – together we have died.

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