Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Poem: 'Breathless.' by Laura Petellat

by Laura Petellat

As somber music plays, we dance, colorful ribbons grace your wrists. Splashes of hot wax drip on muscle, on flesh. Be a good boy. Beg for release and harden as your freedom is refused. I want to see you in chains. Cold metal draping your arms like tinsel on a Christmas tree. I want to see you beg. Look up at me with those soft eyes, a puppy in a pet store. You don't get out of these chains boy. You love them too much. Razor blades like angel wings bring forth rivers that edge us toward peace. The light wanes as we wished it to and all that is collapses into nothing. Home again, in solitude, embracing death's sweet kiss. Hello old friend. It's been far too long. Lashed and bare, you beautiful thing. Cries and gasps, how you love your bonds. Enjoy this sweet release and let me cleanse your wounds by making new ones. Settle in and breathe, so I can take your breath away.

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