Friday, October 21, 2016

CD Review: QUAKE THE EARTH "Declaration Of War" (Inverse Records) by Dave Wolff

Inverse Records
Quake The Earth is a thrash-core band founded in 2012 and currently based in Oulu, Finland. If you’re into crossover you’ll appreciate how they capture the maturity metal-edged hardcore achieved since Merauder, All Out War, Agnostic Front and Hatebreed developed it in the 90s. I cite New York hardcore bands because I hear similar groove, similar guitar chops, similar percussion and similar vocals. The first track Silence Is Golden? had me remembering the anthemic overtones of AF’s Riot Upstart; the drive and desire to claim new ground the musical movement is there with enough liveliness to induce you to join the chanting. What’s moving about this song the one-eighty degree turn it takes switching over into noticeable influence from Rage Against The Machine. This happens in a gradual way, building up before the sudden transformation. This is tightly held together with the contained ebullience that’s synonymous with this subgenre. It’s enough to convince me Quake The Earth have a fresh perspective, and it’s only the first song. Those that follow all have their own disposition and stand out from one another while consistently heavy and infectious. In terms of aggression the album doesn’t really get moving until the third track Blood In Blood Out, one of the most prominently old school compositions recorded here. Vitun Lampaat mirrors this with a savage blast beat and brief duration. There are many opportunities to hear the band experiment with their influences, in search of new directions to head into. For example Who Will Rise is built on a shadowy guitar riff establishing its conviction in a way that lingers through the heavier guitars and returning to that mood at inopportune moments, with disarmingly melodic vocals. Declaration Of War has abundant RATM influence with more anthemic vocals and mosh inciting groove loaded with double bass percussion. Always Us (for which there is a promotional video) is another song that begins on a somber note, with guitar and piano, that carries through until the end. Looking for blistering hardcore with more than one surprise? Then this album is for you. -Dave Wolff

Track list:
1. Silence Is Golden?
2. The Ash of Phoenix
3. Blood in Blood Out
4. Modern Slaves
5. Who Will Rise
6. Declaration of War
7. The Legacy We Leave
8. Separate the Negativity
9. Always Us
10. Vitun Lampaat

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